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SevenAM is a company based in Groningen, The Netherlands. We are idealistic thinkers that create, design, analyse and market (mainly online) concepts. Ideas that evolve into projects can in most cases be produced by in-house talent, with the exception of custom coding.

Mission - Our mission is to contribute to the lives of users/visitors in a positive way, moving gradually away from maximizing profits as the main goal. By lowering the priority of financial incentives, the majority of the business decisions are made to increase creativity and motivation, while eliminating most of the need to produce low quality output, repetitive tasks, outsourcing and the negative work atmosphere surrounding those.

EXAMPLES - A few short descriptions of projects that we launched recently:

// Environmental/sustainability - In North-Western and Northern Europe environmental/sustainability issues like climate change are generally accepted by the vast majority of the population. Therefor we created a blog that doesn't focus on the negative (protest & awareness), but on the positive (solutions & easy to use tools to for instance calculate 'green' investments). Like giving practical tips for individuals and households on decreasing energy use and save money, reviews / buy guides on 'green' products and choosing the best eco-tourism destinations that preserve the local habitat. Finding regional construction companies that use environmentally friendly materials, build houses that produce more energy than they use, filter and use rainwater for showering, the dishwasher, washing laundry and flushing the toilet. Informing the visitors of new research and debunk commonly accepted myths with facts. Currently this website is only available in Dutch.

// Traveling - Sometimes the result is a unique travel website containing the most beautifully written diaries about far exotic or otherwise intriguing locations. Creating the wonderful mental imageries that seem to be so scarce in this always-connected fast paced world. Where an endless stream of over-saturated pictures, best deal prices and fake 'last chance to book' notifications dominate most vacation websites. Our website reminds us what the difference is between travel and vacation, and it teaches you how to become a real traveller. This concept was inspired by Alain de Botton's 'The Art of Travel', combining the emotionally grabbing appeal of personal travel blogs and all the practical information you want to know. Our goal is to combine passion and a trustworthy list of the best agencies to book online, regardless of the commission we can earn.

// Scientific research funding - On a broader scale we are also working on a (non-profit) online marketing campaign promoting crowd-funding of independent scientific research (like Especially in fields that are pro-dominantly funded by multinationals and promotional non-profit organizations, undesired research results don't get published and are never made publicly available at all, while desired research results are often exaggerated and serve only the purpose to mislead. In particular: pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, diseases and disorders, other health related research, chemical industry, fossil fuel industry, environmental research.

CONTACT - We usually don't work directly for customers/companies, but almost exclusively on our own projects.

// E-mail - You can of course still reach us at the e-mail address below if you have a question or want to leave a comment:

// Phone - Or call us at the following phone number (no answer? try iMessage):
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